Swiftwater Rescue Technican Course

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August 20, 21, 22 @ Big River, Eildon



The SRT will be run at Big River Eildon.


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The Course will be run by Jeffe Aronson, and to the SRT SSI guidelines. Certification swill be offered for an extra cost, but the course cost does not include the certification ( listed below)


The course will cover the following:
SRT -24 hr. course over 3 days ( I am working to see if we can reduce this to 2 days if some of the written work is done at home)

SSI & International Rescue Philosophy -"Simple is smooth and smooth is fast"

•Hazard Identification, Risk Management & Safety Systems

•Low-risk to high-risk rescue techniques

•Self-rescue•Throwbag Rescues

•Simple & Advanced Contact Rescues

•Shallow Water Crossings

•Hydrology•Communications & Team/Incident Controls

•Medical Considerations

•Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

•Technical Rescue Equipment (Repair and Maintenance)

•Knots & Anchors•Mechanical Advantage Systems

•Swimming (Passive and Aggressive)

•Boat Pins (Course site dependent), Flips & re-entry•Foot Entrapment Extrication•Strainers

•Tethered & other Towing Systems, Kayak Pin Extraction

•Tyrolean highline (“Tensioned Diagonal”. Course site dependent.)

•Multiple, Challenging Scenarios & our patented “Running Scenarios



•Practical examinations during course (One on one with courseinstructor)

•Observation (Constantly throughout course)

•Written examinations: International exam online prior to course, Australian on-site at end of course.

•Student Skills Assessment "Core Competencies" checklist, and Australian competencies as follows:Unit Code UPDATED FOR 2021!:

•SISORSC004Demonstrate self-rescue skills in White water

•SISORSC005Demonstrate white water rescues and recoveries(2-day “first responder” doesn’t include this component)

•SISOBWG004Apply river crossing skills


Attainment of Certification:

After successful completion of the outlinedswiftwater rescue training (SRT1)provided by SSI, the student is given an Internationally Recognized "Statement of Attainment" by SSI and we certify that the student has met all outlined standards of such training. The successful student will also retain a carbon copy of the "Core Competencies" worksheet as well as a certification card issued by SSI. The Statement of Attainment as well as the certified course by SSI will be branded by SSI and will hold the internationally recognized levels of said training.IN ADDITION the student will have the Australian National Training Package certification with the abovementioned Core Competencies for “Swiftwater Rescue Operator”, a.k.a. Swiftwater Technician.Uni, TAFE, and other students who have taken river guiding courses in Australia with a river rescue component will recognize and have some experience with most or all of the listed objectives.


Costs would be as follows ( TBC)

Course $370

Australian Qualification $150

SSI qualification $150