ipaddle 3 -Basic Whitewater

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Build on all your skills and really get into some of Victorias' best whitewater.

New Dates Dec 5 2020



This easy, and quick weekend whitewater course is designed to introduce you to some of the best whitewater victoria offers during summer. The course is held up at the blue gums campground, on the Goulburn River at Eildon. We will build on the skills you have learned in your moving water ipaddle 3 course. The course will be tailored to suit the participants, and we can focus on learning more technical skills to run whitewater, or incorporate slalom racing, or downriver racing, even surfing.

This is designed to pick up where the Quick Start program leaves off. After a quick review of the basics, it’s into more in depth knowledge of the strokes and concepts and how they get you where you want to go. Your instructor will cover: general paddler safety, correct posture, Basic paddle stroke technique and maneuvering your craft

Then basic skills are applied to moving water and basic whitewater. The course will teach you how to edge your boat, how to Ferry Glide, break Ins, break outs and much more...

This 1.5 hr. course is designed for all ages and abilities. Held locally on the Yarra River, or on the Goulburn River as water levels permit.

The course is $150 ( including gear) – This course will also give you an achievement certificate in Basic Whitewater kayaking.

Dates/ Times:  Usually Saturday mornings but flexible. 1- 1.5hr session starting 10.30am, second session Sunday same time

Venue: Blue Gums Campground eildon