School and Outdoor Ed Programs


Over the last few years there has been a steady increase in the number of schools who are offering canoe and kayak programs as part of their Outdoor Education Programs, or as extra-curricular activities. However, many schools find it impossible to access qualified and high quality instruction, due to the high costs. We offer programs, tailor-made to suit and to your budget. We have over 50 years experience in all types of canoe and kayak education, including elite sport coaching. Now encompassing AFK (Andrew Farrance Kayaking) we can offer even more to your school.

Canoes Plus also run more than Just Canoe and Kayak based programs !!! We can organize anything from day based excursions to journey based programs encompassing hiking, biking, climbing and more. All with qualified instructors and guides.

We run excursions, Technique based programs, Day programs and Journey style programs. We can tailor make anything to suit your specific needs, whether it be Kayaking, Canoeing, Rafting, Hiking, Mountain Biking or a combination, all with qualified Guides. We have more than 30 years’ experience. Talk to us to plan your personalized Outdoor Programs.

Program Choices (3-4 hr drive distance / 3 day program)



Program Type

Lake Eildon

On water Canoeing FW plus hiking

Goulburn River Eildon

On water Canoeing FW or Moving Water plus Bike

Mount Stirling

Back country Hiking


Canoe FW


Canoe FW plus Hiking


Raft Whitewater plus hiking

Murray River

On water Canoeing FW plus hiking

Murray River

On water Canoeing FW

Big River

Whitewater Sports Raft adventure

Big River

Whitewater Sports Raft adventure plus hike

Yarra River

On Water Canoe or Raft plus Hike and Bike

We tailor each program to meet what you want your students to experience on camp.  All programs are designed and created to meet the exact aims and outcomes of each individual school. We supply highly qualified instructors for your program, from environmentally based programs to journey based excursions, or even certification of instructors within your outdoor education program. All gear hire and costs are included in any program, and we are competitive on price.

Canoes Plus pride themselves on offering high quality and safe and enjoyable experiences for schools and public. Our courses meet or exceed industry standards for instructor ratios and risk management. As Canoeing and kayaking has a great impact on self awareness and confidence in young adults and children, it is a great inclusion into any school program.  Plan your program to foster growth on a number of levels, including self-sufficiency, confidence, team building and much more. Our programs promote resilience, forward thinking and fun.  Talk to us to plan your next adventure.




School OE Kayak / Canoe Excursions

Half or Full day excursions close to home

School OE Canoe Camp

School OE Flatwater Canoe/ Kayak Journey

School OE Goulburn River Journey

School OE Whitewater Mitchell Journey

School OE Whitewater Camp