Canoes Plus Racing Team has been a significant part of the Victorian and Australian kayak and canoe competition scene for almost 50 years.

With our new Club Structure we are happy to offer a more family oriented environment.

Now we provide access to all forms of paddling as a holistic approach to the sport. We can teach you the skills needed to run rivers, and enjoy the outdoors or facilitate your success in elite sport. You can come and enjoy coached technical sessions on a regular basis with your family ( just check out the club coaching and training page), or you can pay a minimum club fee and just come to one of our regular family outings / river trips or camps.

We offer regular events such as Surf days, river trips, River and camping trips, whitewater camps and more.

COST for KAYAK CLUB MEMBERSHIP is $160 per adult member, or $110 for junior competition membership.

We also offer come and try membership, volunteer membership and casual membership.

We are a non-political, easy-to-join, minimum fuss club with a relaxed atmosphere, offering personalized service to all.