Information will be posted throughout the year as river trips happen.


Tasmania camp SNOWY RIVER VIC October/ November

Whitewater camps to Mitta Bundarra Cobungra ( Advanced) Water depedent over winter

Beginner Whitewater lower Mitta, and Goulburn technical training Camps

And Various day trips

Additional Items and information -

Monday June 21 – Snowy River @ Jindabyne ( Alternate July 6)


July 10- Athlete testing and stroke clinic. This will be a great opportunity to see where you are with respect to strength and fitness in the boat and off water. Even if you do not compete, it is a great starting point and base line to work up from there. We will hold regular testing session. Come and try your luck against yourself and also others.

Starts at 10am

Regular training will also be offered

July 10 – Nutrition lecture and opportunity to have personal talk with Max McDonald ( dietician) to better understand your nutritional needs either as an athlete or simply in everyday life. The lecture will be in the Parks Conference Center – followed by a BBQ – BYO Starts at 11.30am

Please let me know on if you want to book any one-on-one time

Hope to see everyone there, as it’s a great opportunity