Duke of Edinburgh Adventure Courses and Camps

These courses are tailored to suit your group. From Beginner skills to Whitewater Adventure Camps.... we can help you do it all. Plan and execute with professional instructors, with years of experience. From Flatwater to whitewater trips. We can teach you the basics, and then guide your trip as you desire. Fully dedicated to a safe, fun and educational experience.

Duke of Ed programs offering kayaking or canoeing as part or the curriculum are usually a more intensive undertaking, with multi-day trips needed to meet the silver and gold requirements.

We have over 50 years experience in all types of canoe and kayak education, including elite sport coaching. Now encompassing AFK ( Andrew Farrance Kayaking) we can offer even more to your school.

We tailor our programs to suit you, with anything from weekly sessions, to just running your weekend or week-long adventure. We offer anything from Flatwater canoe trips to whitewater rafting trips, and everything in between. For the intense whitewater program we recommend our weekly sessions which allow students to build slowly on their skills, culminating in a higher level whitewater trip at the end of the course. The sessions go from flatwater to moving water and whitewater technique. Its the best way to get a great base in kayaking and knowledge about river paddling and whitewater.

We offer overnight camping trips on remote rivers, or canoeing trips in the urban wilderness, and can run your program in a variety of craft. If you are interested please contact us on 1 8000 KAYAK

Duke of Edinburgh Moving Water Basics

Duke of Edinburgh Flatwater Canoe/ Kayak Journey

Duke of Edinburgh Goulburn River Journey

Duke of Edinburgh Whitewater Mitchell Journey

Duke of Edinburgh Whitewater Camp